The Message Beneath The Rubble

And we build monuments
so that we don't forget.

Today, I built one for you
but all of the earth shook
and took it down to the ground.


I just wasn't supposed
to remember you


The Underside of Nothing

And you tell yourself, like you tell me, that there's no other choice because you're too afraid to fight for what you really want. But what you didn't know is that the risk you didn't take is actually the risk you took.


The Space Called Emptiness

Maybe the reason why we're sometimes drawn to blank spaces is because they mirror the emptiness that we feel inside.

Changing Faces

it's your face that i keep searching for in every crowd
but it's also your face that i just can't ever find
which makes me wonder
maybe i just don't know you anymore


The Way It All Was

Now, you have to take cover because your newfound wings of glass are much too fragile even for the wind to touch. And looking back at all the wonderful places that your old, tattered wings had brought you to, you suddenly wish you could just go back to the way it all was.


Dear Spider-Boy,

Remember when we were still kids and you told me that you're gonna save the world someday? I'm sorry I was no longer part of your world when you finally did it.



The Watcher In The Shadows

I choose to look at you from afar because I know you too well not to grasp every bit of you that makes you beautiful, for fear that every step closer will magnify not only your beauty but this unwarranted feeling that I have inside as well.

And He Turned Dust Into Stars

When the night sky runs out of stars for you to wish upon, remember that there is always someone out there in this universe who will pick up your abandoned hopes and turn them back into stars again.

[P.S. Thought of writing something about wishes for my upcoming birthday. :) In case you're wondering where this peculiar picture was taken, it's the lovely glass ceiling of Wheelock Place against the night sky.]


The Ugly Truth

Even the most beautiful things can leave holes that can never be patched. And that's what they never told you when you started chasing butterflies.


Nothing Else Matters

Liquid Heart

For you, my frozen heart could melt a thousand times over. And you know that each and every single time it does, all the love inside will keep flowing freely right into yours.



To the world, we are nothing.
Nothing but shadows playing under the sun.
Nothing but strangers kissing in the rain.
Nothing but ghosts dancing in the dark.

But if they only knew…

Someday, we’ll tell them our story.


The Rain Can't Wash Away Everything

When the cold rain finally stops streaming down your window, I hope you'll take a look outside. Because I'm still here, waiting for you to let me in and feel your warmth all over again.


Lost in Monochrome

Broken Record

the beautiful things you always said
still keep playing in my head

a preponderance of sweet, empty words

of promises and lies i wish i never heard

but the words i really longed to hear
were the ones you never whispered in my ear

[One Single Impression]


The Flower Girl by the Grave

When the day comes that there are no more flowers on your grave, never think that I have forgotten you. It only means that I am finally able to just let them blossom again.

At The Middleman's Fair

 "I want this."

"I'm sorry, dear. But I'm afraid that's already taken," replied the man behind the counter.

"But I really want this. Aren't there any more of these?"

"No. There's just one of each. But there are still plenty of others you could choose from," he answered.

"But this is exactly what I want... I'll give you anything in exchange."

"I'm really sorry, dear. But that's not the way things work around here. Someone else already got here before you did," he said.

"So why do you keep it on display? For people to know that such a beautiful thing exists but they can't have it?"

"Well, if you choose to be cynical about it, you can think of it that way. But you're partly right, it's for people to see that such a beautiful thing exists — and that there will be more beautiful things to fill those shelves when the earlier ones are taken. You'll just have to wait because preparing a special thing — the one that's really made for you — will take time," he replied.

"So when can I come back?"

"I can't really say for sure. Hey, I'm just the middleman here. I've got a Boss too, you know. But I guarantee you that He's got everything arranged," he said.

"Okay, Mr. Cupid. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I'll see you again tomorrow..."


Swept Away

As I watched the sea
change the shoreline
with every wave,
I remembered you.
And how,
like a grain of sand,
I was swept away,
never to be the same again.

The Distance In Between

If it's true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, then what keeps us apart must be one hell of a winding path.


The Paradox of Lines


We continue to draw them even though we know that we will most probably end up crossing them at one point in time anyway. And when that happens, we know there's really no turning back. So we draw more lines, closer and closer, each having less meaning than the one that came before it. Until finally, we collide.

But unfortunately, there are some lines that are way too dangerous to be crossed. Because when we do, the only lines that we will end up knowing are the deep cuts left on our broken hearts.


Tears Blurred Their Eyes

And he had to turn away,
for someone,
was already waiting for him.

Then her tears started to fall,
and in the blurriness of it all,
she couldn't tell
if the sea of tears touching her feet
was entirely from her eyes

The Fire That Was Forbidden

It was fire that he brought,
and she touched it.

He breathed it into her,
and together,
they were ablaze.

But she got burned,
and he didn't pick up her ashes.

And The World Spins Madly On

And the world will keep spinning,
whether you're fine or not.

But sometimes,
there are people who will come into your life
and just make the mad spinning seem to stop.

But these wonderful moments,
once they're gone,
will be nothing but faint memories.

For the world will keep spinning,
whether you're fine or not.

And sometimes,
you just wish it could spin
and take you back
to the time
when it all seemed to

[entitled after a song by The Weepies]

[X] Days of Autumn

You came.
And all of a sudden,
it was Spring.

But then, you left.
And now,
it's Autumn all over again.

Just around the corner,
Winter is waiting to enshroud me
in its bitter coldness.

But until then,
I shall be counting the days...