The Paradox of Lines


We continue to draw them even though we know that we will most probably end up crossing them at one point in time anyway. And when that happens, we know there's really no turning back. So we draw more lines, closer and closer, each having less meaning than the one that came before it. Until finally, we collide.

But unfortunately, there are some lines that are way too dangerous to be crossed. Because when we do, the only lines that we will end up knowing are the deep cuts left on our broken hearts.


Tears Blurred Their Eyes

And he had to turn away,
for someone,
was already waiting for him.

Then her tears started to fall,
and in the blurriness of it all,
she couldn't tell
if the sea of tears touching her feet
was entirely from her eyes

The Fire That Was Forbidden

It was fire that he brought,
and she touched it.

He breathed it into her,
and together,
they were ablaze.

But she got burned,
and he didn't pick up her ashes.

And The World Spins Madly On

And the world will keep spinning,
whether you're fine or not.

But sometimes,
there are people who will come into your life
and just make the mad spinning seem to stop.

But these wonderful moments,
once they're gone,
will be nothing but faint memories.

For the world will keep spinning,
whether you're fine or not.

And sometimes,
you just wish it could spin
and take you back
to the time
when it all seemed to

[entitled after a song by The Weepies]

[X] Days of Autumn

You came.
And all of a sudden,
it was Spring.

But then, you left.
And now,
it's Autumn all over again.

Just around the corner,
Winter is waiting to enshroud me
in its bitter coldness.

But until then,
I shall be counting the days...