At The Middleman's Fair

 "I want this."

"I'm sorry, dear. But I'm afraid that's already taken," replied the man behind the counter.

"But I really want this. Aren't there any more of these?"

"No. There's just one of each. But there are still plenty of others you could choose from," he answered.

"But this is exactly what I want... I'll give you anything in exchange."

"I'm really sorry, dear. But that's not the way things work around here. Someone else already got here before you did," he said.

"So why do you keep it on display? For people to know that such a beautiful thing exists but they can't have it?"

"Well, if you choose to be cynical about it, you can think of it that way. But you're partly right, it's for people to see that such a beautiful thing exists — and that there will be more beautiful things to fill those shelves when the earlier ones are taken. You'll just have to wait because preparing a special thing — the one that's really made for you — will take time," he replied.

"So when can I come back?"

"I can't really say for sure. Hey, I'm just the middleman here. I've got a Boss too, you know. But I guarantee you that He's got everything arranged," he said.

"Okay, Mr. Cupid. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I'll see you again tomorrow..."


  1. nice one! Generally good negotiators are able to get more out of the middleman :)..

  2. this is perfect! love this amongst all i hv read this week!

  3. If you've already seen it with your heart, you already have it. Another nice piece.

  4. lovely format,
    beautiful love in a unique eye.

  5. I loved this unique take on romance!