The Space Called Emptiness

Maybe the reason why we're sometimes drawn to blank spaces is because they mirror the emptiness that we feel inside.

Changing Faces

it's your face that i keep searching for in every crowd
but it's also your face that i just can't ever find
which makes me wonder
maybe i just don't know you anymore


The Way It All Was

Now, you have to take cover because your newfound wings of glass are much too fragile even for the wind to touch. And looking back at all the wonderful places that your old, tattered wings had brought you to, you suddenly wish you could just go back to the way it all was.


Dear Spider-Boy,

Remember when we were still kids and you told me that you're gonna save the world someday? I'm sorry I was no longer part of your world when you finally did it.



The Watcher In The Shadows

I choose to look at you from afar because I know you too well not to grasp every bit of you that makes you beautiful, for fear that every step closer will magnify not only your beauty but this unwarranted feeling that I have inside as well.

And He Turned Dust Into Stars

When the night sky runs out of stars for you to wish upon, remember that there is always someone out there in this universe who will pick up your abandoned hopes and turn them back into stars again.

[P.S. Thought of writing something about wishes for my upcoming birthday. :) In case you're wondering where this peculiar picture was taken, it's the lovely glass ceiling of Wheelock Place against the night sky.]