And He Turned Dust Into Stars

When the night sky runs out of stars for you to wish upon, remember that there is always someone out there in this universe who will pick up your abandoned hopes and turn them back into stars again.

[P.S. Thought of writing something about wishes for my upcoming birthday. :) In case you're wondering where this peculiar picture was taken, it's the lovely glass ceiling of Wheelock Place against the night sky.]


  1. I love Planetariums.
    Go there as often as possible...

  2. Hi Autumn ;)

    That is such a beautiful photo. But I bet it would still be trumped by the brilliant glow of the stars over a dark quiet Earth.

    I have a new blog, by the way (http://eamyvi.wordpress.com) and I'm linking you there.

    Ivy :)

  3. ahh. i love this.
    its reminds you that there is someone out in the world who's truly for you ;D